A brief approach to Lean UX

Focus image, photo by Photo by Marco Krenn on Unsplash

For some time now I have wanted to investigate more in depth the approaches of Lean UX and how to try to apply them to web projects, as these are the digital products I usually work on.

So, when Ibon Azkoitia proposed me to participate in SemanaWP with a presentation, I thought it was the perfect moment to make an approach to Lean UX and take the opportunity to investigate it in more depth and propose ways to apply it in everyday projects.

I haven’t had enough time to tackle the subject in as much depth as I would have liked, hence the title of the presentation: a brief approach. So the presentation covers only a summary of what Lean UX is, why it is convenient to apply it and some examples of the way of working that this methodology offers us (video below)

I will now briefly describe the concepts I am dealing with in this paper:


Ever since I became interested in UX, and even when I studied a postgraduate degree in User Experience Design, I’ve always found User Centred Design approaches to be fantastic, very logical and definitely the way to do things. However, I couldn’t fit most of the processes and ways of doing things into most of the projects I’ve worked on and I see many colleagues in the field working on.

When a project is on a tight budget and on a tight schedule, how can we apply UX processes, do user tests, draw conclusions from them and try to improve our design to test it again until we see that it works.

Lean UX tries to do precisely this, to include the UCD process in everyday life, trying to make it lighter and easier to implement.

In addition, Lean UX, as its name suggests, applies techniques from the Lean philosophy to make processes more agile and save time and resources.

What is Lean UX

It’s a set of different approaches drawn from Design Thinking, Agile methodologies, the Lean Startup approach and User-Centred Design.

By combining aspects of all of them we are able to put the user at the centre of our process and thus create digital products for those who will actually use them, and also improve our work process by involving the whole team in the design and conceptualisation of the product.

En esta charla veremos un breve resumen de lo que la metodología Lean UX propone y algún ejemplo de cómo aplicarlo en nuestros proyectos.

Aquí os dejo la presentación de la charla en pdf: