Facility management with human value

A new brand with a clear vision: to improve the quality of life for the users in the buildings they manage. To do so, they rely on technology to offer an advanced service with human value.

My functions:

  • Brand design
  • Content design
  • Web UI design
  • WordPress custom theme

Date of completion:

June 2018

Brand design

The naming was very appropriate for their particular vision of Facilities Management: taking care of both facilities and people.

I started a design process to propose a brand image, and we quickly saw which way the visual concept should move: simplicity and dynamism.

Once the brand image was approved, I worked on applying it to different media that were going to be immediately used in the birth of this brand: email signatures, business cards, corporate presentations, etc.

Web design and development

For the web interface we wanted to rely on scenes that represented the concepts and values that their services provide.

That’s why we decided to go for illustrations that depicted people in clean and sustainable facilities with advanced management of their features, which were done by MyBro.

We wanted to show that what matters in facility management is the people who use it, and MiND works to put the users on top of it, enjoying interacting with innovative environments.