Catalan Musical Magazine

The classical and chamber music scene up to date

RMC, a two-monthly publication by Palau de la Música Catalana with a long history of publishing, needed to renew its online presence.

My functions:

  • UI design
  • CSS layout
  • WordPress custom theme

Date of completion:

May 2018


UI design

The medium has a long history in print, but its website was a basic WordPress with a commercial theme that fell short on customisation options for both the frontend and the content management system.

Based on Patricia Ventura‘s proposal for a new information architecture and all the requirements and objectives of the project, I worked on the interface design for the main sections of the website, learning from the aesthetics of the paper magazine and creating my own styles based on the needs of the content that the medium handles online.

Web development

Once the visual design was approved I created a custom WordPress theme, with semantic markup and responsive layout.

Together with jdevelopia we carried out a major customisation of the WordPress administration panel so that the magazine’s editorial team could edit the contents in the easiest and most comfortable way as possible:

  • Custom Post Types were created for the different types of content handled by the magazine.
  • A banner management system was created.
  • Custom Fields were created for the customisation of calls to action and subscription blocks.
  • And also a variety of custom fields for displaying adjacent information in the articles: highlights, headers, signatures, references to past editions, etc.