The double UX of WordPress

This was the title for the talk I did for WordCamp Santander 2017, my first WordCamp talk (and my first episode of public speaking :o.

Starting with a brief approach to UX, along with definitions and various digressions, the talk is focused on the dual user experience that I believe we face when creating a website based on WordPress (or any other CMS).

Editor experience

When we create a website with a CMS (Content Manager System) we must be concerned about both the end user of the website and the user who must maintain the contents of the site.

In addition to the experience of the website users, we should also take care of the user experience of the content editors. Those people who will use the system we have set up every day so that they can publish content on their website.

In most cases, the people who edit the content are not familiar with computerised information management. They are not developers or implementers, therefore, their user experience within the content manager should also be taken care of.

WordPress is a fantastic tool to manage content and to be able to publish online easily and quickly, however, within the WP ecosystem there are, in my point of view, more or less usable tools to edit the contents of a website.

Therefore the Editor Experience will depend a lot on how we have decided to set up the website and how much we have taken care to try to generate a good user experience.

This talk was later replayed in one SiteGround’s webinar.

Here is the video of the talk (Spanish):

And here is the presentation I made for this talk in pdf format (Spanish):