Things Happen

Humanitarian project based on sport

In order for this project to become known and gain sponsors, repercussion and visibility it was necessary to create a website and, for this, it was first necessary to have a brand image.

My functions:

  • Brand design
  • Web UI design
  • CSS layout
  • WordPress custom theme

Date of completion:

January 2019


Brand design

The naming of the project already proposed a striking and casual proposal that invites to action, indicating movement and dynamism.

After an analysis of the requirements, objectives and the target, I started a design process by exploring different options on how to represent the image of the brand.

It was necessary to achieve a casual and striking image, something that highlighted the human side but also aligned with the sporty and adventurous aesthetics.

After several proposals we came to see clearly how the visual image of Things Happen had to be, a proposal that the client could identify with and that fitted all the requirements.

From there, I developed the brand into various versions and applications that might need to be used.

Finally, I created a brief corporate image manual defining the different versions of the brand and how to apply them in different media, showing examples of how some of the applications we saw as most feasible during the initial life of the project could be.

Web design and development

For the web interface it was necessary to maintain that fresh and striking look, highlighting its uniqueness in a prominent and different web environment, such as the activity of this NGO.

I created a custom WordPress theme and implemented a small customisation of the WordPress admin panel to make it easier to manage the project’s content through Custom Post Types, Custom Fields and page and subpage templates.