Fitness Revolucionario

Challenging dogmas about health and fitness

One of the best-known Spanish-language blogs in the fitness and health scene needed a re-design to go from being just a blog into a structured information site for consultation and sale of digital products.

My functions:

  • Information architecture
  • UI design
  • CSS layout
  • Custom WordPress development

Date of completion:

April 2020


The website hosts a wealth of information and the challenge was to sort it out and offer it to the user in a more usable and easier to find way.

For them, a directory of topics was designed and several pages were created to serve as an index for each of the topics, giving way to various articles on the subject.

Different types of content were repositioned to distinguish between articles, podcast episodes and training programmes, and this differentiation was reflected in different page templates and different types of posts.

The search system was also improved, enhancing the results of the native WordPress search.