Emprendedor Fitness

Business training for fitness professionals

This project, focused on improving the business of fitness and health entrepreneurs, needed to renew its brand image to re-launch its services with a new look and a more professional aesthetic.

My functions:

  • Brand design
  • Web design

Date of completion:

November 2020



Brand design

Several proposals were explored to visually shape the brand, playing with the initials of the name and trying to reflect concepts like growth, orientation and learning.

We finally came up with a visual proposal that matched the client’s expectations: an icon representing the letter “e” including an upward arrow, indicating growth, together with the shape of a tool in the negative space, referring to the tools it offers to its clients.

Following this, the most common applications were developed to articulate how this visual brand could be applied to different media.

Web design and development

For the website, we opted for a fairly conventional interface, prioritising contrast through the colours and typography of the new brand.

The website was to be built in Kajabi, a platform that integrates different marketing tools and allows you to create corporate websites focused on conversion.

Within the limitations and particularities of this platform, I was in charge of building a page structure and applying CSS styles so that the whole site would have visual and functional coherence.