Alba dental clinic

Dentistry service for the whole family with a close family atmosphere

Their philosophy speaks of “friendly dentistry” and their brand image shows a friendly and relaxed air, all that was missing was for their website to transmit these same values.

My functions:

  • Information architecture
  • Content design
  • Web UI design
  • CSS layout

Date of completion:

May 2021


Content design

The client needed to renew its website to align it with its new brand image, applying the concepts of proximity and familiarity. But it was also necessary to improve the information structure to facilitate navigability and reorder content.

An improved and simplified content structure was created, unifying the content of many of the original URLs based on search intent and semantic coherence, leading to a more compressible and usable navigation.

The content of the old website was also curated, some of it retained and some of it rewritten, to achieve a more consumer-friendly content format, with more visual highlights and better readability and scannability.

Interface design

When designing the interface, we focused on providing a good user experience in small resolutions.

We created a bottom menu for easy navigation on mobile devices, to facilitate one-handed use, and ensured that all basic interactions were easily reachable on mobile devices: navigation, contact, make an appointment, etc.

Calls to action and quick contact

The interface is very focused on the user having the contact information always at hand, and we created a mobile navigation to make it easy to contact the company from any of its pages.

An easily editable call-to-action Gutenberg block was also created to allow the user to request an appointment quickly through a modal window, without having to go to another URL.

With a focus on information

Working with the business side, we saw that they expected more than just a corporate site, they wanted to encourage informational use.

To this end, different types of content were proposed and developed to be managed on the site, and the interface needed to allow a large amount of information to be displayed in a fluid and structured way.